How To Start Your Aliyah Story

Make sure you are eligible for Aliyah: All Jews are eligible to make Aliyah under the Law of Return. You will need to provide documentation proving your status to both Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jewish Agency. This is usually just a letter from your rabbi attesting that you are, in fact Jewish. If you converted…

How to Learn Hebrew

Competency in the Hebrew language is the single most crucial skill you can acquire before making Aliyah. Does this mean that Aliyah is off the table if you don’t speak a word of Hebrew? No, it is fairly simple to get by day to day living in English, especially as a tourist or student. But…

How to Travel Around Israel

Travelling around Israel can be a little tricky. Luckily, most of the street signs are in three languages (Hebrew, Arabic, and English) so you can find your way around.

How to Pack for Aliyah

The most important word when it comes to packing for Israel is DECLUTTER. This is true for a move anywhere. When we live in one place for many years, it’s natural to accumulate many things. But when it comes to moving to Israel, you don’t only have moving to a very far away place working against you. The apartments and houses in Israel are a lot smaller than we are used to in America.