The Advantage of Facebook Groups

While a lot of people these days don’t use Facebook anymore, there is a virtual gold mine of resources for Aliyah through Facebook groups. Just a few I’ve found include:


Israel Communities Info for Anglo Olim

House Hunting in Israel

Dati Property Forum – Where To Live In Israel?

Affordable Housing in Israel – Social Discussion For Change


Jobs for multilinguals in Israel – משרות לדוברי שפות זרות בישראל

Nefesh B’Nefesh – Jobs in Israel

Jobs in Jerusalem לעבוד בירושלים

Jobs In Israel For Native English-Speakers


Zionist Jobs/Internships in Israel

Tel Aviv secret Jobs


חיילים בודדים צריכים | Lone Soldiers Needs

KeepOlim Lone Soldiers Unit (חיילים בודדים) 🇮🇱

Lone Soldier Housing

Chayal Boded – Lone Soldier – חייל בודד

Jerusalem Lone Soldiers המרכז לחיילים בודדים ירושלים

Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center Parents’ Group

Medial Professionals:

Anglo Medical Professionals in Israel

Nurses Making Aliyah

Saving Money in Israel:

Living Financially Smarter in Israel

Support an Oleh

Frugal Israel

New Olim Promotions

General Information on Israel:

Ask an Israeli Lawyer

Keep Olim in Israel Movement 🇮🇱 התנועה להשארתם של עולים בישראל

Nefesh B’Nefesh Community

Secret Israel

Secret Tel Aviv

Secret Jerusalem

Secret Jerusalem 2.0- Insiders Community Resource

Secret Jerusalem for women

Secret Haifa

Secret Tzfat

Secret Gush Etzion

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