The Advantage of Facebook Groups

While many people these days don’t use Facebook anymore, there is a virtual gold mine of resources for Aliyah through Facebook groups. There you can ask anyone with more experience living in Israel practically any questions you have about how to live in Israel. Just a few I’ve found include:


Israel Communities Info for Anglo Olim

House Hunting in Israel

Dati Property Forum – Where To Live In Israel?

Affordable Housing in Israel – Social Discussion For Change


Jobs for multilinguals in Israel – משרות לדוברי שפות זרות בישראל

Nefesh B’Nefesh – Jobs in Israel

Jobs in Jerusalem לעבוד בירושלים

Jobs In Israel For Native English-Speakers


Zionist Jobs/Internships in Israel

Tel Aviv secret Jobs


חיילים בודדים צריכים | Lone Soldiers Needs

KeepOlim Lone Soldiers Unit (חיילים בודדים) 🇮🇱

Lone Soldier Housing

Chayal Boded – Lone Soldier – חייל בודד

Jerusalem Lone Soldiers המרכז לחיילים בודדים ירושלים

Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center Parents’ Group

Medical Professionals:

Anglo Medical Professionals in Israel

Nurses Making Aliyah

Saving Money in Israel:

Living Financially Smarter in Israel

Support an Oleh

Frugal Israel

New Olim Promotions

General Israel Information:

Ask an Israeli Lawyer

Keep Olim in Israel Movement 🇮🇱 התנועה להשארתם של עולים בישראל

Nefesh B’Nefesh Community

Secret Israel

Secret Tel Aviv

Secret Jerusalem

Secret Jerusalem 2.0- Insiders Community Resource

Secret Jerusalem for women

Secret Haifa

Secret Tzfat

Secret Gush Etzion

Check out this master list of Facebook groups prepared by Shoshana-Ruth Weindling!

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