Reasons to Make Aliyah to Eli

The best place to live in all of Israel!

Binyamin Region- The Heartland of Israel
  1. It’s a yishuv (small non-agricultural rural community). Eli has all of the benefits of living in a smaller community, and at the same time, it’s not too small. Eli is very established and spans over 5 hilltops with all of the security and necessary amenities.
  2. Located in the Shomron (Samaria, north of Jerusalem). The Heartland of Israel. Live the Zionist dream and reclaim our land.
  3. Warm and friendly community. We felt so welcomed by people who weren’t just our neighbors, but from all over the yishuv!
  4. Religious yishuv, across the entire spectrum: mostly Dati Leumi, also Chabad and Chiloni (secular) present.
  5. The weather is perfect (very nice temperatures with a lovely breeze. So far, we’ve had a mild winter).
  6. It’s not an American bubble, but there are still plenty of olim from all over the world (many of whom speak English) with a strong Israeli presence.
  7. It’s so affordable. Our rent is 2000 shekel/month (2 bedroom apartment). My parents’ home is 4350 shekel/month for a 6 bedroom apartment!
  8. THE VIEW!
  9. Security is very advanced (I can’t go into further detail about this, for obvious reasons).
  10. You can apply for a gun license. Living in the Shomron qualifies you for applying for a gun license, provided that you also meet other eligibility requirements.
  11. Two Magen David Adom ambulances and MANY doctors, nurses (including me), and army-medically trained neighbors around.
  12. Yad Sarah branch right here in Eli (Organization that provides medical equipment and more to people in need)
  13. Two health clinics- Maccabi and Clalit. The Clalit office is also administrative (if you need a card, for example). The Maccabi office is not administrative, but does have a Tipat Chalav (pregnant women, infants, and young children) division. There is also a dental office, but I’m not sure which kupa (insurance company) they are under.
  14. Post office, which doubles as a photography store.
  15. Home improvement store, which has an impressive selection
  16. Mobile phone and tech store.
  17. Party store- all of the decorations, and you can order helium balloons!
  18. Big makolet (grocery store)-offers everything you need!
  19. Two cute clothing stores for women and kids. Men will have to shop outside of the yishuv.
  20. So many schools and ganim (preschools) here.
  21. Huge Bnei Akiva presence (religious-Zionist youth organization).
  22. Mechina (Pre-army training and religious learning for men post-high school).
  23. Pizza and burger restaurants.
  24. 90% discount on arnona (municipal taxes) for one year as olim chadashim.
  25. Aliyah absorption coordinator in the on-site municipal offices.
  26. Extensive library with study space (free WiFi) for university students
  27. Proximity to Ariel (and Ariel University). A 20-minute bus ride from Eli, Ariel has many shopping opportunities, including a mall, Rami Levi discounted grocery store, and several shopping centers. Ariel University is a premier university in Israel, with the first medical school in the Shomron.
  28. Proximity to Shilo (where the Mishkan once stood). Shilo also has attractions such as ATV tours and shopping areas.
  29. Busses to Ariel and Jerusalem. No need for a car (unless you want and can afford one!) From either of those places, you can take a connecting bus to wherever you need to go!
  30. Politically conservative in general. In the last election, only 5 people out of 1654 voted for the Labor party.
  31. No extremists live here (as far as I can tell).
  32. Beautiful parks!
  33. Fewer mosquitoes 😍 (I’m from Texas).
  34. The water bill is included in the municipal bills!
  35. Dud shemesh (For hot showers).
  36. Electricity and internet infrastructure. Pretty much goes without saying, but you’d be surprised to hear the amount of times friends have (jokingly) asked us about life in a “settlement.”
  37. Landlords are trustworthy here. Beware of landlords who own property here, but DON’T live in Eli themselves. They may be fair- or not. But landlords who also live in Eli are amazing!
  38. I’M HERE ❤️❤️❤️

So nu? Yalla!

We can help you get set up, with whatever you need. 🥰

For more information about Eli, click here

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