Applying for an Israeli Passport

After we got married and everything settled down, we decided it was time to apply for our Israeli passports. The process was relatively easy. I didn’t expect that I would be able to apply for and order my passport at the same appointment I had made to change my name legally here in Israel.

I sat down with an agent at Misrad Hapnim, and as I was filling out paperwork to change my name, she noticed my Aliyah date and that I was eligible to apply for my passport. Stunned, I told her that yes, I had been looking forward to applying for a passport but had thought that I would need to make another appointment for it. And suddenly, not only was my name changed, but I had ordered a passport and brand new teudat zehut. Both had tracking numbers, and I would be alerted when they would be ready to be picked up at the post office.

To get an Israeli passport, you must first be eligible. You can apply for an Israeli passport 3 months after making Aliyah. Please note: if you need to travel outside of Israel before getting an Israeli passport, you can still travel using your foreign passport as long as it still contains your Aliyah visa. You will also need to get an Ishur Yetzia– permission to exit the country and proof of travel (plane tickets). This can be obtained at Misrad Hapnim. Remember to bring proof of your intent to travel and the reason (plane tickets, wedding invitation, funeral arrangements, etc.).

To apply for an Israeli passport:

  1. Check out the price differences between summer and winter rates.
  2. Schedule an appointment with Misrad Hapnim. This can be done either through the MyVisit app, online, or try calling the hotline *3450.
  3. Bring any relevant documents, such as your teudat zehut, teudat oleh, and your foreign passport.
  4. If you didn’t pay prior, you’ll need to have a credit card on hand during the appointment.

Once you have finished your application, you will receive an SMS from Misrad Hapnim with the tracking number for your passport. You will get another SMS when it is ready to be picked up from your local post office.

Click here for more information on applying for an Israeli passport.

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