Buying Our First Car in Israel

Needless to say, as olim chadashim living in the center of the Shomron without a car, life has been pretty difficult getting around and going to government appointments, the bank, etc. Add to that the fact that we’re newlyweds, and because of our busy schedules and having to bus anywhere we go, we hadn’t been able to go on a honeymoon (or even so much as a tiyul). Thus, our search for a car began.

Right away, we knew that it was neither practical nor worth it to buy a new car in Israel. So we started our quest by looking for a used car on yad2. This proved fruitless, as the cars were way overpriced when you consider the number of kilometers and previous owners. We had searched for several days to no avail. We began looking at Facebook groups where people were selling their cars. We posted an ad on our community board in Eli asking for any leads to buy a used car. Nothing was working, and we began to lose hope.

OlimCars Israel found us the perfect car within one day, and the keys were in our hands with everything done for us (even a cleaning)two days later! And they delivered it to us in Eli, which is no small feat considering the car came from Gedera.

Our first car in Israel is a Hyundai i30 2009 model. This car only had one previous owner and very low mileage. It was a great find, thanks to OlimCars Israel! David found our car all the way in Gedera, acted as our broker, handled all bureaucratic items (including transfer of ownership, registration, annual inspection, and signing up for insurance), and delivered our car right here to us in Eli. Fantastic service, outstanding professionalism. OlimCars took away all stress and worries about buying a car in Israel. We are so thankful for OlimCars!

Since then, we have traveled to Joshua’s Altar on Har Eval, taken Akiva’s parents on a tour all over the Shomron, driven to Netanya to visit my little brother, and of course stocked the car full of groceries from Ariel. The car was a real lifesaver when we moved apartments—being able to shuttle some necessary items we needed right away and things too delicate for movers. Gone are the days of waiting an hour for a bus or missing a bus altogether. Our quality of life in Israel (though it was still good before) massively improved with having our own private mode of transportation. Now, the sky’s the limit!

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