Applying for an Israeli Passport

To get an Israeli passport, you must first be eligible. You can apply for an Israeli passport 3 months after making Aliyah. Please note: if you need to travel outside of Israel before getting an Israeli passport, you can still travel using your foreign passport as long as it still contains your Aliyah visa. You will also need to get an Ishur Yetzia….

The Hypocrisy of Celebrating Yom Haatzmaut Outside of Israel

It was a day where everyone would dress up in blue and white (instead of our school uniform), eat falafel, and participate in Israeli dancing. We were proud Jews and proud of our country. And yet, we were content living 11,244 miles away.

The Perils of Dealing with the Israeli Postal Service

The Israeli postal service is notorious for delivering packages late, sending them to the wrong address, or losing them altogether. I’m sharing this story as a guide for dealing with them, should any issues come up.